Finally the faulty 3 is confirmed!!

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Finally the faulty 3 is confirmed!!

A variety that has needed sorting for a while…however I never managed to find the time to resolve the issue, was the 1823 or 1825 farthing that had a faulty 3 or 5.

Photo on 01-07-2016 at 23.28

A recent query on the Predecimal forum raised the issue again as another example surfaced. After some careful comparisons, I can confirm that it is without doubt an 1823 farthing. Actually that should be defined as a damaged 3 punch, because the fault does occur on different Reverse dies where the digit is in a different position.

The shape of the bottom loop is a match when compared to an 1823, and the size of the digit is also a factor. The 5 in this series tends to be a bit taller, whereas the horizontal cross bar correctly aligns with the 3.

It is also worth noting that all examples are also Obverse 2, which also ties in with it being an 1823 farthing, although obverse 2 does occur with 1825 farthings, they are quite scarce.

A big thanks to John for raising the query!!

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