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[1] Wikipedia - The History of the Farthing - A very informative account of the history of the farthing, from "cut coinage" through to the last year of production.

[2] Colin Cooke - A coin shop/website which specialises in farthings of all types and periods.

[3] George Manz - A link to an article which gives information on the Ralph Heaton mint in Birmingham.

[4] My Farthings - A collector's website detailing images of farthings from many periods.

[5] Stuart Royal Farthing Tokens - A very informative website focusing on the farthing tokens of James I and Charles I

Coin Auctions

[1] Goldberg Coin & Collectables - Numismatic auctioneers.

[2] Heritage Auctions - The world's number one numismatic dealer and auctioneer.

English Milled Coins

[1] Coins of England and Great Britain - Tony Clayton - A comprehensive site, which provides invaluable information on the full range of british coinage including values for each denomination.

[2] Predecimal - A coin shop/website covering all aspects of coin collecting including supplies/accessories (Also has an excellent discussion forum!!!).

[3] Coins GB - A photographic reference of British Coins from the reign of Charles II and a very active forum here!!

[4] RP Coins - A coin dealer specialising in British Coins, also has a great range of auction catalogues

[5] Wybrit - A coin website and dealer specialising in milled coins, but also contains some valuable hints, tips & information for collectors.

[6] Argentum and Coins - A coin website hosted by John Stephenson, a dealer specialising in British milled coins from 1662 onwards.

[7] George Coins - A coin website focused on British coins (milled and hammered).

[8] Penny Crown Coins - British coins, Celtic, through Roman and hammered English to modern pre-decimal

English Hammered Coins

[1] Historic Coinage - A coin dealer specialising in hammered coins, but also sells supplies and some milled coinage.

[2] Halls Hammered Coins - A coin dealer specialising in hammered coins

[3] Hammered British Coins - A coin dealer specialising in British hammered coins

Other Coins

[1] Jersey Coins and Banknotes - The only website to visit if you wish to find out anything about the coinage/currency of Jersey, contains many fascinating images of die repunching and clashed dies.

[2] Australian Commonwealth Coinage - A website which provides information on Australian pre-decimal coinage, and has some great images of errors/varieties.

[3] Ian's Place - A coin website that specialises in Australian decimal coin varieties, but also covers farthing varieties.

[4] Numismatic Dimensions - A website which provides information on token issues and bimetallic coinage in addition to some fascinating articles on numismatics.

[5] Encased Collectors International - A fascinating website focused solely on the encasement of coins, free membership available, you can even get your own personalised encased coins!!!

[6] Irish Coinage - A website dedicated to the coinage of the Emerald Isle, plenty of images provided and a price guide.

[7] - A fascinating numismatic site with details of numerous coins including the famous petition crown

[8] Coin Collecting For Kids - A great numismatic resource for kids, this link was recommended to me by a website visitor (Emma) whilst she was undertaking a young numismatic project

Metal Detecting Websites

[1] - A forum dedicated to metal detecting, a fantastic resource for the hobby, and a friendly bunch as well

[2] UKDFD - A great place to record your finds for future generations, and plenty of experts available to help ID your finds. & - A resource for Victorian farthings, Edwardian farthings, Copper Farthings, Bronze Farthings, Farthing Types, Die Errors and overseas farthings.