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Colin Goode

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 Coin Interests


Obviously anything to do with farthings, but also British Colonial coins

 Other Interests


Metal detecting

 Favourite Farthings


Obverse design - the Victorian bronze bunhead series (I think the early obverses are the most attractive)


Reverse Design - the George IV first issue


Overseas design - the South African farthings have a fascinating design, and I have always preferred the obverse designs on a lot of the Colonial coinage.

 How I got started


Initially the interest in coins was developed from my other hobby metal detecting. However I soon became hooked and started purchasing coins rather than digging them up!!

There were two coins that drew me in towards farthings, they were:

An 1826 2nd issue George IV farthing which I purchased from the late great Colin Cooke, it was a nice coin which had unfortunately received an edge knock, so I managed to get it very cheap. It amazed me that items this old could be purchased for such a reasonable price.

The second coin was a higher grade 1860 beaded border farthing, still sitting in my collection now, which my wife purchased for me via ebay (she always was and still is better at sniping than me!!).

It was then, that I realised I had a bit of a fascination with farthings.

I still find it hard to believe that such high grade examples can be purchased so reasonably priced, especially when you consider what the coins have had to endure to reach this point in time in such good condition (I don't think I will be able to say that in a hundred years about myself !!)





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