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A new Reverse type has been identified for the Victorian Copper series following an extensive study and collaboration with a fellow collector and numimatist David Ayling Smith - READ MORE HERE

As some of you may be aware I am currently putting together a publication on farthing varieties, and it has resulted in a complete re-think regarding my cataloguing methods to enable ease of use and also to ensure accuracy and consistency across the website. As a trial I have activated the new look section for Elizabeth II, George VI, George V and Edward VII, and hopefully the others will follow in due course.

The main differences users will notice are:

  • Obverse and Reverse references have changed, so that the Obverses are numbers and the Reverses are represented by letters
  • Major design styles have been categorised, and then minor varieties are referenced by a suffixed lower case letter (eg an Obverse 1 with Reverse A die combination would be 1A, and the first variety type on the Reverse would be referenced 1Aa, whilst the first die variety on the Obverse would be referenced as 1aA).
  • Proof references are now included
  • Images all have the same plain white background
  • A mix of approaches will occur whilst the transformation is undertaken

I would welcome any feedback users may have on the new style, and obviously due to the overhaul it is possible that some errors may be present. If you do encounter any errors or problems, or wish to provide feedback please e-mail me at colin@aboutfarthings.co.uk

The site is focused on providing all visitors with an insight into the wonderful world of farthings. It is my intention that the site will primarily contain information on British milled farthings, with varieties listed where known.

The approach is to provide a visual reference, which will allow users to identify the many types and varieties by indicating visible features and differences.

If you have any details of varieties that are not listed, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at colin@aboutfarthings.co.uk and I will provide you with the information on how to get your variety submitted. Your name will also be included as recognition of the submission!!!!



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